Shared Ownership

What is Shared Ownership?

This is a part buy, part rent scheme, which enables you to own your home for a smaller upfront deposit. You can buy a share of the home using a mortgage and then pay a subsidised rent on the share you didn’t purchase.

This enables you to live in and own a home that perhaps was outside of your affordability at full market value.

Example breakdown:

Full market value - £500,000
Minimum 30% share - £150,000
Minimum 5% deposit - £7,500

Monthly mortgage payments: £688*
Monthly Rent payable on remaining share: £802
Monthly Service charge: £35
Total monthly costs: £1525**

*Mortgage based on 30 year term, 4.09% interest rate and a 5% deposit
**Total monthly cost can differ based on personal circumstance

Are you eligible for Shared Ownership?

To make sure you qualify for Shared Ownership you must meet these criteria:

  • Your household income cannot exceed £80,000 

  • You have a deposit of at least 5% of the share value

  • You do not own another property or have your name on the deeds or a mortgage for a property worldwide 

  • This will be your only residence

  • You are a permanent UK resident or have indefinite right to remain

You can also take the Affordability Assessment to find out:

Steps to Homeownership

1. Register

Register with HelptoBuy to ensure you qualify and get a registration code - make sure you register a Burnham Court property

2. Qualify

Follow the link from our recommended mortgage brokers to check your financial qualification for a Shared Ownership home.

3. View

Book an appointment to view the Show Home with our Sales Advisor